About us

            We design and develop a variety of high quality multi-functional rechargeable power generators, multi-purpose power sources, vehicle battery power boost assist systems (Jump starters), pure and modified sine wave power inverters, and high power LED spotlights/work lights. Our designers and engineers bring a wealth of experience and an intense focus on quality & safety; working closely with our factories to manufacture the finest quality products in the industry.

               ePower 360 is backed by several decades of professional experience in the technology industry. Our CEO and founder Saied Hussaini, ME, P.E., received his Professional Engineering License from the state of Florida in 1990 after graduating in 1982 from the University of Miami with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, with concentrations in Machine Design and Mechanics of Materials.

            Mr. Hussaini has worked as lead engineer with several different organizations specializing in consumer electronics, automotive related products, and defense industries. With over 300 Design and Utility patents issued by the USPTO, Mr. Hussaini’s experience is unmatched.

Mr. Hussaini’s experience includes:

  • Consumer electronics and video game accessories – Design engineering and product development, with products sold in excess of $70 million annually.
  • Commercial and defense industries – Product design and development.
  • Automotive accessories: Industrial design engineering and product development sold globally. Products sold in excess of $90 million annually.
  • Large scale oversees production capacities.
  • Quality assurance and compliance with military and commercial standards.


When asked the question, ‘Who is ePower 360?’ the answer is simple; we are designers, we are innovators, but fundamentally we are engineers.